As briefly mentioned in the About Me section, my areas of interest are broad yet specific.  My interest in teaching has been ingrained from a young age, but has been honed with each experience.  I would like to investigate technology incorporation for adult basic literacy and education.  I have done a little research on the topic of GED preparation for a class project and I am currently investigating the literature available.  I also find my self naturally inclined to find solutions for people that are “on the job” but need to fine tune skills to grow professionally and do their job better.  For example, my brother works for the post office.  He would like to be more involved with the union, but the bylaws and regulations are very tedious and given his little time off of work, he finds himself unable to learn them.  I am working with him to make audio recordings along with examples so that he can listen while he walks.



TANC at Innovate

Team TANC: Anna Leach, Cara North, Natalie Gintert, Tim Nunn

Innovate – Impact at the Ohio State University  –  May 2017

– With a team of 3 other class mates, Cara North, Tim Nunn, and Natalie Gintert we presented on formative evaluation of a learning tool prior to implementation.  We were mentored by our professor for formative evaluation, Dr. Correia.   A recording of the presentation can be found here.  My speaking part, on the importance of completing a learning try-out (or pilot) is from minute 16:33 to 23:39.  At the end of the presentation, I also participate in responding to several questions from the audience; Questions begin at minute 33:50.

Association for Education Communication & Technology (AECT) – November 2017

– With a team of 3 other class mates, Cara North, Tim Nunn, and Natalie Gintert and our mentor, Dr. Correia, we will present on the evaluation of the Duolingo English Test.  The round table will be hosted at the 2017 International Convention held in Jacksonville, FL.



In Spring of 2017, we worked on revising a week of instruction for the College of Nursing at the Ohio State University.  The Chief Innovation Office, Tim Raderstorf, sent a letter of thanks – TANC Letter of Thanks

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