My repertoire showcases specific examples of accomplishments.  There is an example of a needs analysis, course outline, video creation, and content creation on this page. Unless otherwise noted, the photos throughout this web portfolio were taken and edited by me, typically using Pixlr and my iPhone 7.

Needs Analysis: analyze

Photo from google search with permission

The Needs Analysis was part of an individual class project.  I want to create an Introductory MS Access course for our trainees to take prior to the larger training.  I want the course to be available online and to be “chunked” in a way that different levels of users can pick and choose their learning.

Creating a plan for a week of instruction:

RoadMapSampleIcon The weekly road map is an example of a plan that I constructed for a course’s week of instruction.  The initial road map for the course had generic learning objectives, inconsistently formatted references, and no overall direction for the week.  I added a short intro video, clear expectations, and directive learning objectives.

Video Creation: 

VideoPowToons_Option2    For the weekly road map, I created two intro videos using PowToon.  Due to the user level I have purchased in WordPress, I cannot embed the video, but the link when the pic above is clicked will take you to my YouTube channel that has both videos.

Content Creation for eLearning Game: Twine

With a team of peers, I created a game in Twine that reinforced the material covered during a week of instruction.  My responsibility was to created the content of the game.  I constructed the content using a flow chart: EBP Twine – The Sneezer – Option 1.  The chart was saved as a google doc. This option made the process of sharing and making changes much smoother.

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