About Me


I am a purveyor of tools designed to improve the ease and accessibility of the information required to propel education forward.  I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and diving into a project.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning from them, and sharing too!

I am a master’s student in the Learning Technology online program with Ohio State University.  I am also a part-time senior data analytics and reporting analyst with the Office of Enrollment Services, Analysis and Reporting at Ohio State University.  I have more than 10 years experience in data extraction, data mining, and reporting.  I also have 8 years of management experience in both project and personnel management.   My specific interests are to bring technology to the Adult Basic Literacy and Education arena as well as creating concise and effective elearning in data analysis.

I have presented at Innovate Impact at Ohio State University and will be presenting at Association of Education Communication and Technology (AECT) this upcoming November.  I am constantly pursuing new information by attending conferences such as Learning DevCamp, networking through social media with colleagues and peers in the industry, listening to as many podcasts as possible (TLDChat and DearID), and working on unique personal projects such as creating voice recordings of union bi-laws for my brother in the post office.

Learning Dev Camp 2017 introduced me to xAPI.  I have begun diving into the information and trying to learn as MUCH as I can.  I want to see if there is a way to pull data out of a Learning Record System (LRS) to provide robust reports so that instructional designers can determine what will work and what may need to be adjusted.  We need to consider creating standard variables and a data element dictionary to create standards so that across areas we can share code.